Marketing Research Services

Information About our Expertise and Range of Services.
At JAK Research Services, we specialize in making your data-collection expectations become reality. In fact, we pride ourselves on delivering great results. It’s no secret that there’s a touch of unpredictability in this industry. One day we might have small, straightforward focus groups scheduled. The next day we might be administering a survey to 500 people. We thrive on that variety and have honed successful strategies for even the most challenging projects. In the sections below you’ll find more information about our expertise and range of services.


Our recruitment team has experience in identifying candidates that match your exact target market. Their expertise, combined with our extensive nationwide respondent database, ensure that your recruiting goals are met precisely. We can provide Fortune 500 companies, Hispanic and Asian ethnic segments, high-tech professionals, high-income consumers, and much more.

Focus Groups

Focus groups have shifted in the Information Age, and we’ve kept pace. We excel at recruiting focus groups and research projects nationwide. Our office is open 24/7 to make your project a reality. We have a flexible staff willing and capable to work East coast, West coast, even International hours to get your job done. We also supplement our efforts with social media recruiting and online focus groups to provide faster results for our clients.

Legal Research

When you’re heading to trial, there’s too much at stake to rely on untested strategies. We have helped law firms and jury consultants prepare for countless civil and criminal trials with mock juries and simulations, giving them insight into what resonates with real people.


Automotive studies have long been a staple of our business. From focus groups, to comparative test drives, and even large-scale studies at local convention centers, we’ve helped deliver the voice of the customer to many automotive manufacturers.

Large Projects

There’s no project too large for us to handle. In fact, we’ve probably done bigger. Whether you require an enormous number of respondents, a huge facility, lengthy engagement, or nationwide research, we can get you the results you need.

Creative Challenges

Don’t worry if you’re looking for extremely specific demographics or logistically challenging studies. We’ve delivered on everything from recruiting biker mommies with doll-loving daughters to coordinating short-range electric vehicle owners driving in from long-range distances.